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Monday, December 06, 2004

My Letter to My "Representative" i.e. HB 35

Our Conscience

Rep. Richard,

I wanted to state my disagreement with HB 35. It is an attempt to have the State regulate the scientific content of Biology text books and mandate specific content on a specific issue. Do not current Bio Texts contain a "critical analysis of origins?" If so what precisely is she looking for? Why should the state mandate that science texts include "philosophical claims that are made in the name of science?" The bill calls for texts when teaching about evolution to include "the full range of scientific views that exist." Now, that sounds nice, but 1) Why just on the subject of evolution[?], and 2) What constitutes a "scientific view?" Some authors think postmodernism is scientific, although that statement itself seems to be a contradiction.

Look, it is about 95% likely that she wants to introduce creationism into science classes. Now that is fine but she can't just come out and say it can she? Anyway, I am interested in whether you are now more or less likely to sponsor this bill....

Seth Jackson


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